21 Tips to Protect Your New Home


  1. Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and replace batteries each year – there are some smart smoke alarms to alert you via text when smoke is detected and when battery is low
  2. Buy a multipurpose fire extinguisher for the kitchen and one to keep in the garage.  Check pressure annually.
  3. Plug major appliances into wall outlets, not extension cords which can overheat.
  4. Create escape plans for all rooms and place escape ladders in upstairs bedrooms.


  1. Place wireless water alarms under washing machine and sinks.
  2. Install flood-safe hoses on washing machine
  3. When leaving on trips, turn off water at the main value to prevent floods
  4. Confirm that homeowners’s insurance covers water and mold damage due to leaks and sewer backups.


  1. Trim trims and scrubs so that weekend branches won’t fall on the home or be propelled into windows by high winds
  2. Install downspout extensions to carry heavy rains away from the foundation
  3. If you evacuate, turn off utilities to deter flooding and fires


  1. Inspect inside and outside of home monthly for signs of damage
  2. Do a monthly maintenance and yearly maintenance program –¬†See Maintenance Checklist
  3. Repair or replace broken items before small problems become serious ones


  1. Change locks on exterior doors and confirm that all doors and windows lock securely.
  2. Add security bars and locks to sliding glass doors
  3. Install motion-detector lighting to illuminate dark areas
  4. Add outdoor lighting
  5. Consider adding a home alarm system and video cameras
  6. Keep shrubbery trimmed so there are less places to hide
  7. Get to know your neighbors



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