Looking for a Custom Builder?

A custom built home is one in which has a unique floor plan, one of a kind home, and built for a particular client. Custom homes provide consumers the opportunity to control the layout, location, and design aspects of the out catered to their needs and wants.  A custom built home can be built on land that you own, or land that you acquire.  The builder may use plans designed by an architect or a home designer.

When selecting a custom home builder, you will want to do extensive research, check references and experiences with prior clients, as well as compare price and quality.  One helpful website to view some of the custom builders in the Central Florida area is the Master Custom Builder Council.

The primary aim of the Master Custom Builder Council is all of the members of the MCBC are “Custom Builders.”  Every member has pledged to maintain the highest professional standards in the home building industry. Strict eligibility requirements govern the MCBC membership, along with a code of ethics.  The MCBC’s website includes custom builders who pledge to uphold the highest standards and a great starting place for your initial research.

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