Sellers Disclosures

Florida law requires a seller of a home to disclose to the buyer all known facts that materially affect the value of the property being sold and that are not readily observable or known by the buyer. The Seller’s Disclosure Form is designed to help you comply with the law. However, this disclosure form may not address every significant issue that is unique to the Property. You should think about what you would want to know if you were buying the Property today; and if you need more space for additional information, comments, or explanations, check the Paragraph 10 checkbox and attach an addendum.

Types of issues or property conditions required to be disclosed include:

  • whether improvements have been made without building permits;
  • whether the property contains any environmental hazards such as asbestos, lead, mold, Chinese drywall;
  • whether any infestations or damage have occurred from wood-destroying organisms such as termites and carpenter ants;
  • whether there are any problems with essential components of the home, such as the roof, plumbing, electrical wiring, major appliances, HVAC;
  • whether any actual or potential claims, complaints or court proceedings affect the property;
  • whether the property is subject to the rules of a condominium or condominium association; and,
  • whether any disputes have arisen regarding the property’s boundaries.

It is important to note that selling a home in “As-Is” condition, does not relieve a seller from the disclosure duties under Florida law. The “As Is” condition means only that the buyer agrees to take the property in its existing condition without the seller having to make any repairs.

Sellers Property Disclosure-Residential

Homeowners Association Disclosure – you are required to disclose to the buyers that the home is in a community with a Homeowners Association and that there are Deed Restrictions, Rules and Regulations

Condominium Association Disclosure

Lead Based Paint Disclosure-  If the home was built pre-1978

Sinkhole Disclosure

Chinese Defective Drywall Addendum


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